Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Renewal: Can Spring Be Far Behind?

What a day! Everything today was just as I imagined it would be. The weather was fine, the seas of people seemingly behaved themselves and enjoyed Obama-stock with peace and love.

The speech was quite moving, and a bit more political than I had anticipated. If I was to predict, I would have said it would have more rhetorical flourishes than policy statements. But it seemed a great rebuke of previous presidents and the predicament we now find ourselves in. Several people seemed to find fault in the poem written for the occasion, but I liked it very much.

Everyone looked gorgeous, as expected. And we even had Sasha on a box, as my sister and I expected:

Seeing the Chimp leave town was one of the finer moments of today. Yes, I'm bitter. Sue me. And Cheney in a wheelchair? What a metaphor - the Bush administration couldn't even manage to limp out of town - they had to be rolled, by someone else.

More to come, but suffice to say the renewal has begun

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HorshamScouse said...

My sister was hoping Cheney's nurse would have a Frank Drebin moment with the wheelchair.

A great and historic day.