Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's Hot and My Eyes are Blurry

Well, you know you spend too much time on the computer when your eyes literally start to blur...and that's exactly what's been happening to me of late. I think it has to do with the many hours of scouring the web looking for further signs of deceit from the idiots in Washington.

Sad to say, summer's heatwave has melted all the scandals (I hope temporarily). So, I'll take this opportunity for a little rest -- of eyes and spirit. So imagine the blog with its own digital "gone fishin'" sign up for a bit while we take an overnight jaunt to the beach.

I leave you with this final parting shot, just for the fuck of it:

Eat this!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Emmylou....and Elvis

Last night's fun included seeing Elvis Costello, with Emmylou Harris, in concert. I've never been a big Elvis fan, and paid my money primarily to see Emmylou - one of my all-time favorites.

The best part? The concert started on time, with Elvis and his band coming right on stage to kick things off. Rather than have Emmylou do her own set, she simply joined the band a few songs in and left several songs before the concert was over. Really nice, seamless way to handle a really feel like you get your money's worth...since they continued without intermission until 11 pm.

While the music had many highlights (including a lot of songs from his new cd) it ended with his Oscar-nominated song, "Scarlet Tide," which has special resonance with the current "action" in Iraq.

When I recall his parting words
Must I accept his fate
Or take myself far from this place
I thought I heard a black bell toll
A little bird did sing
Man has no choice
When he wants every thing

We'll rise above the scarlet tide
That trickles down through the mountain
And separates the widow from the bride

Man goes beyond his own decision
Gets caught up in the mechanism
Of swindlers who act like kings
And brokers who break everything
The dark of night was swiftly fading
Close to the dawn of day
Why would I want him just to lose him again

We'll rise above the scarlet tide
That trickles down through the mountain
And separates the widow from the bride

Friday, July 22, 2005

The Latest from Rove-gate (Is this sweet, or what?)

New York Times today! Can you say conspiracy?

"WASHINGTON, July 21 - At the same time in July 2003 that a C.I.A. operative's identity was exposed, two key White House officials who talked to journalists about the officer were also working closely together on a related underlying issue: whether President Bush was correct in suggesting earlier that year that Iraq had been trying to acquire nuclear materials from Africa...."

And, of course, yesterday's Bloomberg news outlines perjury.

Hunter at Daily Kos says the floodgates are open.

And then there's today's WaPo:

"A classified State Department memorandum central to a federal leak investigation contained information about CIA officer Valerie Plame in a paragraph marked "(S)" for secret, a clear indication that any Bush administration official who read it should have been aware the information was classified, according to current and former government officials..."

Stay tuned!


Who does Karen Hughes, counselor to the Chimp, remind you of? Here's the answer. Kudos to TBogg...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

This Just In!!! OH BOY!

Courtesy of Raw Story:

"Bloomberg News has slotted a story alleging that senior Bush advisor Karl Rove and Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff 'Scooter' Libby provided false testimony to the special prosecutor to a Washington-based grand jury, RAW STORY has learned.

The story is expected to hit after midnight, when Bloomberg typically moves stories.

Patrick Fitzgerald, the Chicago special prosecutor appointed to investigate the outing of former covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson, may also be looking at whether other crimes -- such as perjury, obstruction of justice or leaking classified information -- were committed..."

Kharma is a beautiful thing!

Update: Think Progress has the Bloomberg story. THE SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

If Liberals Were a Corleone, Which One Should They Be?

This conversation is going on over at the Whiskey Bar. Check it out. I, too, vote for Michael. And it's time we went to the mattresses, don't you think? Here's a sample:

"The Dems need to try to be more like Michael -- cool, analytical and totally pragmatic. "It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

Sometimes that means ordering a hit, sometimes it means biding your time. Sometimes it means striking with everything you've got -- e.g. the "confirmation" scene (which, given today's big topic, has certain ironic connotations.) Sometimes it means offering to talk peace, while secretly preparing to w[h]ack the guy. Sometimes it means just plain talking peace.

But it has nothing to do with fairness or open-mindedness or listening to opposing points of view. It has to do with what's best for the "family" -- which in this case we can define broadly as those groups and constituencies in American society who oppose the GOP machine and want to see it destroyed (or at least kicked out of power.)"

Is Bill a Blogger?

If blogging was meant to be a way to widely communicate your innermost thoughts and/or comment on the state of the world's affairs...then we can now welcome Bill Clinton to our midst. No, it's not a full-fledged blog with lots of navel gazing and descriptions of life with Hillary, but it's a start -- it's a diary he's keeping during his current trip to Africa. Clearly, the continent plays a very big part in his life since the White House (and in between medical problems). You can follow his intinerary and check out his diary entries.

Clearly he's got an editor for this, based on his recent biography's length and his amazingly long speeches, so be sure to stop by and check it out. But...wouldn't you love it if he kept a real blog, with real thoughts? That would be a helluva read.

Bill in Africa

Olbermann Rocks!

Read his take on the White House trying to change the subject. Good on you, Keith.

Good Ideas...Keep 'Em Coming!

The best thing to do when the Repugs control every branch of government and you have nothin' left to lose? Create your own shadow government. Why not? At my house, we've had countless dinnertime conversations thinking up various rationales, most of which border on the absurdist (shades of Abbie Hoffman and trying to elevate the Pentagon). But, now it appears that this idea is appealing (in a much more serious tone) to Congressional Democrats who are picking up on this idea to more closely examine Treason-gate.

Along these same lines -- and in a very serious and thoughtful vein -- another group of very serious folks known as the National Security Advisory Group (NSAG), is issuing their own report on WMD proliferation. Who says Democrats don't have ideas? Who says we can't govern? Who says we are weak on defense/national security issues Bah! Gimme a break.

Posted today on the Senate's website, is
"Worst Weapons in Worst Hands: US Inaction on the Nuclear terror Threat Since 9/11, and a Path of Action." NSAG consists of government and military luminaries including former Defense Secretary William J. Perry (Chair), Former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, Graham T. Allison, Samuel R. Berger, Ashton B. Carter, Wesley K. Clark, Thomas E. Donilon, Michele A. Flournoy, John D. Podesta, Susan E. Rice, John M. Shalikashvili, Wendy R. Sherman,Elizabeth D. Sherwood-Randall, James B. Steinberg.

It begins:

"The gravest threat facing Americans today is a terrorist detonating a nuclear bomb in one of our cities. The National Security Advisory Group (NSAG) judges that the Bush administration is taking insufficient actions to counter this threat.

If this catastrophe were to occur, what would we wish we had done to prevent
it? Why are those actions not being taken today?"

Great questions for America to ponder as we wait for the inevitable attack. (Everyone have their duct tape?)

Meanwhile, we spend billions on a war that seemingly has no end, cut veteran's benefits, give tax cuts to people who don't need 'em, and have treasonous sycophants in the White House using the CIA for political purposes.

Damn them. Damn them to hell.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Americans are getting smarter by the minute, eh?

Watergate redux.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Shades of Watergate? Hmmmmm?

Today, Frank Rich of the New York Times takes a wider view of the Rove problem at the White House. He begins with familiar words from the infamous spokesperson of the Nixon era, Ron Ziegler, and takes it further from there.

Everyone's blogging about this story and it's hard to say anything new or profound, but if you're interested in the story, you should stick with a few important blogs: Daily Kos, TPM Cafe, Talkleft and perhaps even The Huffington Post. Just when I thought that the story was going to perhaps take a lesser place in the news cycles this week, Matt Cooper comes out with a report of his grand jury testimony (but you have to pay to read about it or buy this week's Time Magazine).

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed that the bad karma being espoused by the Chimp's cohort in crime is finally coming back to haunt them.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Chimpy Falling Flat: No One Trusts Him....Imagine!

Latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Chimpy is losing the Midas touch. Or perhaps, people are recognizing that the Emperor really has no clothes. Keep it coming, folks!

Because It's Time

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spider vs. Bee: A Mid-Summer Tale

A week or so ago, we noticed a mini-war of sorts right in the front porch window boxes. As you can see from the picture below, a very unusual albino spider has captured a regular 'ole bumblebee and has it in a lockdown. When we notice such natural warriors in action, it makes one realize that we homo sapiens (am I allowed to call us that?) are not the only aggressors on any day of the week.

A few hours after taking the picture, there was no sign of either insect. Where did they go? My poetic other half had this more thoughtful photo caption, combining recent human wars with the Bug War of Shrewsbury:

"In my dreams of summer John Kerry [the spider], combat tested
and tough on terrorist attackers, takes the sting out of the weaker and
ill-witted opponent George Bush [the bee]. Maybe it's just the heat - or
the humidity, but the bloom will soon leave the Rove my friends."

From his pc to God's ear.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Oh, Lordy, It's Getting Hot in D.C.!

Here's a transcript of today's press update from the White House Press Secretary. Hold on to your hats, folks! The MSM is finally awake, and here's the relevant portion:

Q: Does the president stand by his pledge to fire anyone involved in a leak of the name of a CIA operative?

MCCLELLAN: I appreciate your question. I think your question is being asked related to some reports that are in reference to an ongoing criminal investigation. The criminal investigation that you reference is something that continues at this point.

And as I’ve previously stated, while that investigation is ongoing, the White House is not going to comment on it.

The president directed the White House to cooperate fully with the investigation. And as part of cooperating fully with the investigation, we made a decision that we weren’t going to comment on it while it is ongoing.

Q: I actually wasn’t talking about any investigation. But in June of 2004, the president said that he would fire anybody who was involved in this leak to the press about information. I just wanted to know: Is that still his position?

MCCLELLAN: Yes, but this question is coming up in the context of this ongoing investigation, and that’s why I said that our policy continues to be that we’re not going to get into commenting on an ongoing criminal investigation from this podium.

The prosecutors overseeing the investigation had expressed a preference to us that one way to help the investigation is not to be commenting on it from this podium....

Q: Scott, if I could point out: Contradictory to that statement, on September 29th of 2003, while the investigation was ongoing, you clearly commented on it. You were the first one to have said that if anybody from the White House was involved, they would be fired. And then, on June 10th of 2004, at Sea Island Plantation, in the midst of this investigation, when the president made his comments that, yes, he would fire anybody from the White House who was involved. So why have you commented on this during the process of the investigation in the past, but now you’ve suddenly drawn a curtain around it under the statement of, 'We’re not going to comment on an ongoing investigation'?

MCCLELLAN: Again, John, I appreciate the question. I know you want to get to the bottom of this. No one wants to get to the bottom of it more than the president of the United States. And I think the way to be most helpful is to not get into commenting on it while it is an ongoing investigation. And that’s something that the people overseeing the investigation have expressed a preference that we follow.

And that’s why we’re continuing to follow that approach and that policy. Now, I remember very well what was previously said. And, at some point, I will be glad to talk about it, but not until after the investigation is complete.

Q: So could I just ask: When did you change your mind to say that it was OK to comment during the course of an investigation before, but now it’s not?

MCCLELLAN: Well, I think maybe you missed what I was saying in reference to Terry’s question at the beginning. There came a point, when the investigation got under way, when those overseeing the investigation asked that it would be — or said that it would be their preference that we not get into discussing it while it is ongoing.
I think that’s the way to be most helpful to help them advance the investigation and get to the bottom of it.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Get your own bumper sticker at!

Friday, July 08, 2005

I Love My Congressman

We're lucky to live in a Congressional district with a representative whose priorities are very often exactly what I would choose. Came across this link tonight, which discusses a letter sent to the White House by members of Congress requesting that Karl Rove explain his role in the Valerie Plame outing(see his picture below...a dream sequence if there ever was one). I was pleased to see that one of the 17 signers was our guy. Thanks, Jim!

We Can Dream, Can't We??

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tired of the Friggin' Car Magnets?

Yes! Have I got a site for you. Here's a couple of the bumper stickers they have on sale:

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Fall

As we all await the outcome of the investigation into the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame...let us all be reminded of what White House Spokes-Blowhard Scott McClellan had to say back in 2003.

Most important comment: "And the White House is committed -- at the direction of the President, the White House is committed to cooperating fully and doing everything we can to assist the career officials get to the bottom of this. It is a very serious matter."

And this editorial from "Editor and Publisher" from a former colleague of Rove's, entitled: Save the First Amendment--from Karl Rove.

Halfway Through: A Positive Spin

Here's a comparison of Red Sox 2005 vs. Red Sox 2004, remembering, of course, that the Sox won the World Series (all together now!) for the first time in 86 years. For those of us who are sweating through the recent pitching woes, this will put this season in perspective:

Mid-term grades are in.

Clearly, pitching is the big need, but the rest of the grades ain't bad. Keep the faith, folks.

Rick Santorum's "It Takes a Family"

Speaking of abominations, ladies, take a gander at Rick Santorum's new book. Here are some excerpts:

"In far too many families with young children, both parents are working, when, if they really took an honest look at the budget, they might confess that both of them really don’t need to, or at least may not need to work as much as they do… And for some parents, the purported need to provide things for their children simply provides a convenient rationalization for pursuing a gratifying career outside the home." (It Takes a Family, 94)

"Many women have told me, and surveys have shown, that they find it easier, more “professionally” gratifying, and certainly more socially affirming, to work outside the home than to give up their careers to take care of their children. Think about that for a moment…Here, we can thank the influence of radical feminism, one of the core philosophies of the village elders." (It Takes a Family, 95)

"The notion that college education is a cost-effective way to help poor, low-skill, unmarried mothers with high school diplomas or GEDs move up the economic ladder is just wrong." (It Takes a Family, 138)

What a dope.

Putting Experience To Work for A Good Cause

Former campaign workers for Dean and Clarke are using their experience to help Americans understand what an abomination Wal-Mart is. Good way to spend some time in between elections, no?

Read all about it here.

5 Star Music

Interesting list...Rolling Stone's list of the albums they've rated 5-stars. The list is organized with the most recent at the top:

2004; ALBUM: The Very Best of Jackson Browne; ARTIST: Jackson Browne
2004; ALBUM: Goodbye, Babylon; ARTIST: Various Artists
2003; ALBUM: Elephant; ARTIST: The White Stripes
2002; ALBUM: The Rising; ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
2002; ALBUM: Sea Change; ARTIST: Beck
2002; ALBUM: Forty Licks; ARTIST: Rolling Stones
2002; ALBUM: Essential Leonard Cohen; ARTIST: Leonard Cohen
2001; ALBUM: Love and Theft; ARTIST: Bob Dylan
2001; ALBUM: Goddess in the Doorway; ARTIST: Mick Jagger
1992; ALBUM: Slanted & Enchanted; ARTIST: Pavement
1992; ALBUM: Automatic for the People; ARTIST: R.E.M.
1991; ALBUM: Metallica; ARTIST: Metallica
1989; ALBUM: Freedom; ARTIST: Neil Young
1989; ALBUM: Doolittle; ARTIST: Pixies
1988; ALBUM: Straight Outta Compton; ARTIST: N.W.A.
1988; ALBUM: Daydream Nation; ARTIST: Sonic Youth
1987; ALBUM: Tunnel of Love; ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
1987; ALBUM: The Joshua Tree; ARTIST: U2
1987; ALBUM: Sign 'O' the Times; ARTIST: Prince
1987; ALBUM: Document; ARTIST: R.E.M.
1987; ALBUM: Appetite for Destruction; ARTIST: Guns N' Roses
1986; ALBUM: The Queen is Dead; ARTIST: The Smiths
1986; ALBUM: Raising Hell; ARTIST: Run-D.M.C.
1986; ALBUM: Master of Puppets; ARTIST: Metallica
1986; ALBUM: Graceland; ARTIST: Paul Simon
1985; ALBUM: Rain Dogs; ARTIST: Tom Waits
1985; ALBUM: Essential Clash; ARTIST: The Clash
1984; ALBUM: Diamond Life; ARTIST: Sade
1984; ALBUM: Born in the U.S.A.; ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
1983; ALBUM: The Final Cut; ARTIST: Pink Floyd
1982; ALBUM: Tug Of War; ARTIST: Paul McCartney
1982; ALBUM: The Message; ARTIST: Grandmaster Flash
1982; ALBUM: The Blue Mask; ARTIST: Lou Reed
1982; ALBUM: Original Musiquarium I; ARTIST: Stevie Wonder
1982; ALBUM: It's Hard; ARTIST: The Who
1981; ALBUM: Tattoo You; ARTIST: The Rolling Stones
1981; ALBUM: Pirates; ARTIST: Rickie Lee Jones
1980; ALBUM: Zenyatta Mondatta; ARTIST: The Police
1980; ALBUM: Sandinista!; ARTIST: The Clash
1980; ALBUM: Remain in Light; ARTIST: Talking Heads
1979; ALBUM: The B-52's; ARTIST: The B-52's
1979; ALBUM: Off the Wall; ARTIST: Michael Jackson
1979; ALBUM: Look Sharp!; ARTIST: Joe Jackson
1979; ALBUM: London Calling; ARTIST: The Clash
1979; ALBUM: Damn the Torpedoes; ARTIST: Tom Petty & the Heartbeakers
1978; ALBUM: More Songs About Buildings and Food; ARTIST: Talking Heads
1978; ALBUM: Darkness on the Edge of Town; ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
1978; ALBUM: Comes a Time; ARTIST: Neil Young
1977; ALBUM: Trans-Europe Express; ARTIST: Kraftwerk
1977; ALBUM: The Clash; ARTIST: Clash
1977; ALBUM: Slowhand; ARTIST: Eric Clapton
1977; ALBUM: Running on Empty; ARTIST: Jackson Browne
1977; ALBUM: Rumours; ARTIST: Fleetwood Mac
1977; ALBUM: Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols; ARTIST: The Sex Pistols
1977; ALBUM: My Aim Is True; ARTIST: Elvis Costello
1977; ALBUM: Marquee Moon; ARTIST: Television
1977; ALBUM: Low; ARTIST: David Bowie
1977; ALBUM: Aja; ARTIST: Steely Dan
1976; ALBUM: Songs in the Key of Life; ARTIST: Stevie Wonder
1975; ALBUM: Wish You Were Here; ARTIST: Pink Floyd
1975; ALBUM: The Essential Sly & the Family Stone; ARTIST: Sly & the Family Stone
1975; ALBUM: The Basement Tapes; ARTIST: Bob Dylan & the Band
1975; ALBUM: Siren; ARTIST: Roxy Music
1975; ALBUM: Red Headed Stranger; ARTIST: Willie Nelson
1975; ALBUM: Horses; ARTIST: Patti Smith
1975; ALBUM: Chocolate City; ARTIST: Parliament
1975; ALBUM: Born to Run; ARTIST: Bruce Springsteen
1975; ALBUM: Blood on the Tracks; ARTIST: Bob Dylan
1974; ALBUM: I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight; ARTIST: Richard & Linda Thompson
1974; ALBUM: Good Old Boys; ARTIST: Randy Newman
1974; ALBUM: Court & Spark; ARTIST: Joni Mitchell
1974; ALBUM: 461 Ocean Boulevard; ARTIST: Eric Clapton
1973; ALBUM: Houses Of The Holy; ARTIST: Led Zeppelin
1973; ALBUM: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road; ARTIST: Elton John
1973; ALBUM: Funky Kingston/In the Dark; ARTIST: Toots & the Maytals
1973; ALBUM: Dark Side of the Moon; ARTIST: Pink Floyd
1973; ALBUM: Countdown To Ecstasy; ARTIST: Steely Dan
1973; ALBUM: Catch A Fire; ARTIST: Bob Marley & The Wailers
1972; ALBUM: Talking Book; ARTIST: Stevie Wonder
1972; ALBUM: I'm Still in Love With You; ARTIST: Al Green
1972; ALBUM: Exile on Main Street; ARTIST: Rolling Stones
1972-1979; ALBUM: The Very Best of the Eagles; ARTIST: The Eagles
1971; ALBUM: Who's Next; ARTIST: Who
1971; ALBUM: The Allman Brothers at Fillmore East; ARTIST: Allman Brothers
1971; ALBUM: Let's Stay Together; ARTIST: Al Green
1971; ALBUM: Hunky Dory; ARTIST: David Bowie
1971; ALBUM: Every Picture Tells a Story; ARTIST: Rod Stewart
1971; ALBUM: Blue; ARTIST: Joni Mitchell
1971-1979; ALBUM: Anthology; ARTIST: Al Green
1970; ALBUM: Workingman's Dead; ARTIST: The Grateful Dead
1970; ALBUM: Sweet Baby James; ARTIST: James Taylor
1970; ALBUM: Plastic Ono Band; ARTIST: John Lennon
1970; ALBUM: Live at Leeds; ARTIST: Who
1970; ALBUM: Gets Next to You; ARTIST: Al Green
1970; ALBUM: Bridge Over Troubled Water; ARTIST: Simon & Garfunkel
1970; ALBUM: American Beauty; ARTIST: The Grateful Dead
1970; ALBUM: After The Gold Rush; ARTIST: Neil Young
1969; ALBUM: VU; ARTIST: The Velvet Underground
1969; ALBUM: Tommy; ARTIST: The Who
1969; ALBUM: The Band; ARTIST: The Band
1969; ALBUM: Let It Bleed; ARTIST: Rolling Stones
1969; ALBUM: Led Zeppelin 1st; ARTIST: Led Zeppelin
1969; ALBUM: Green River; ARTIST: Creedence Clearwater Revival
1969; ALBUM: From Elvis in Memphis; ARTIST: Elvis Presley
1969; ALBUM: Abbey Road; ARTIST: The Beatles
1968; ALBUM: Music from Big Pink; ARTIST: The Band
1968; ALBUM: Beggars Banquet; ARTIST: Rolling Stones
1968; ALBUM: Astral Weeks; ARTIST: Van Morrison
1967; ALBUM: The Velvet Underground & Nico; ARTIST: The Velvet Underground
1967; ALBUM: The Doors; ARTIST: The Doors
1967; ALBUM: Something Else by the Kinks; ARTIST: The Kinks
1967; ALBUM: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band; ARTIST: The Beatles
1967; ALBUM: Moby Grape; ARTIST: Moby Grape
1967; ALBUM: John Wesley Harding; ARTIST: Bob Dylan
1967; ALBUM: Axis; ARTIST: Jimi Hendrix
1967; ALBUM: Are You Experienced?; ARTIST: Jimi Hendrix Experience
1967-1970; ALBUM: Sly & the Family Stone - Greatest Hits; ARTIST: Sly & Family Stone
1966; ALBUM: Pet Sounds; ARTIST: The Beach Boys
1966; ALBUM: Otis Blue; ARTIST: Otis Redding
1965; ALBUM: A Love Supreme; ARTIST: John Coltrane
1965-1994; ALBUM: 30 Years of Maximum R & B; ARTIST: Who
1965-1970; ALBUM: Peel Slowly and See; ARTIST: The Velvet Underground
1965-1968; ALBUM: Nuggets; ARTIST: Various Artists
1964; ALBUM: Live at the Star Club, Hamburg; ARTIST: Jerry Lee Lewis
1964-1966; ALBUM: The Best of the Animals; ARTIST: Animals
1963; ALBUM: With the Beatles; ARTIST: The Beatles
1963; ALBUM: Please Please Me; ARTIST: The Beatles
1963; ALBUM: Live at the Apollo; ARTIST: James Brown
1963; ALBUM: Chuck Berry/More Chuck Berry; ARTIST: Chuck Berry
1963-1988; ALBUM: Crossroads; ARTIST: Eric Clapton
1962-1988; ALBUM: Best of Broadside 1962-1988; ARTIST: Various Artists
1962-1966; ALBUM: The Best of the Ronettes; ARTIST: The Ronettes
1961; ALBUM: Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy/Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow; ARTIST: Sun Ra
1961-1985; ALBUM: Good Vibrations; ARTIST: The Beach Boys
1961-1985; ALBUM: Biograph; ARTIST: Bob Dylan
1961-1971; ALBUM: Deliver; ARTIST: The Marvelettes
1960s; ALBUM: Rare Live & Classic; ARTIST: Joan Baez
1960-1969; ALBUM: From Nashville To Memphis; ARTIST: Elvis Presley
1960-1967; ALBUM: Otis! The Definitive Otis Redding; ARTIST: Otis Redding
1957-1959; ALBUM: Cadence Classics; ARTIST: The Everly Brothers
1956; ALBUM: We Travel the Spaceways/Bad and Beautiful; ARTIST: Sun Ra
1956; ALBUM: Super-Sonic Jazz; ARTIST: Sun Ra
1956-1984; ALBUM: Star Time; ARTIST: James Brown
1956-1977; ALBUM: ELV1S 30 #1 Hits; ARTIST: Elvis Presley
1955-1973; ALBUM: 3-CD Chess Boxed Set; ARTIST: Chuck Berry
1948-1958; ALBUM: 20th Century Masters; ARTIST: Muddy Waters
1933-1958; ALBUM: Billie Holiday; ARTIST: Billie Holiday
1925-1928; ALBUM: The Complete Hot Five and Hot Seven Recordings; ARTIST: Louis Armstrong

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Is It Rove?

The doo-doo is about to hit the fan on this one, I surmise...

Friday, July 01, 2005

'nuff said.

Joke Time (And We Do Need It)

An Israeli doctor said, "Medicine in my country is so advanced, we can take a kidney out of one person, put it in another and have him looking for work in six weeks."

A German doctor said "That's nothing! In Germany, we can take a lung out of one person, put it in another and have him looking for work in four weeks."

A Russian doctor said, "In my country, medicine is so advanced, we can take half a heart from one person, put it in another and have them both looking for work in two weeks."

The American doctor, not to be outdone, said "Hah! We can take an asshole out of Texas, put him in the White House and half the country will be looking for work the next day."

Here we go, SCOTUS, Here we go

For those of you who feel the need to take action...This from DailyKos today:

Whatever happens with the Supreme Court nomination battle that is about to ensue, it's going to happen fast. Here are some things you can do right now:

Honest to God, I don't know if I can stand the shitstorm this is going to kick up. I hope the ignorant people who voted for Bush are happy now.