Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 09, 2007

Poor Mitt

This is fabulous.

The Massachusetts Republican party isn't very large, nor successful in elections across our fair state. But, we do have to unfortunately claim Mitt Romney as our most recent governor. It's hard to believe that voters in this state allowed him to muscle his way to the front of the line in 2002, simply to line himself up to run for president in 2008. Surprisingly enough, none of our former Republican governors (the three preceeding Romney) are endorsing him - they're going for McCain or Guliani.

But, we are finding that the Massachusetts Republican Party might have some balls after all - some of them are launching an "anti-Mitt" website. Yup, you heard me right. It's not Democrats who are doing it, but his own party. What a hoot.
BOSTON --A group of Massachusetts Republicans is planning to launch a Web site on Monday that highlights flip-flops in the record of their former leader, presidential contender Mitt Romney.

The so-called Massachusetts Republicans for Truth is also pledging to run radio and television ads across the country as Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, seeks the 2008 GOP presidential nomination.

He has acknowledged changing from a supporter of abortion rights to an opponent, and recently signed a no-new-taxes pledge that his gubernatorial spokesman had previously labeled "gimmickry." During a 1994 Senate race, Romney also pledged to be more effective in fighting for gay rights than his opponent, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., although today Romney highlights his ardent opposition to gay marriage.

Let me just say that Romney was a ridiculous governor, rarely showing up for anything unless there was a television camera involved. My hope is that the rest of the country understands that he literally is as in-credible a candidate as any in the GOP.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Janis Joplin Shows Women the Way

Lucky for me, I was too young to realize that women weren't supposed to be rock stars...and I was able to take Janis a bit for granted back in the day. Bobbers and I saw a special about Janis the other day and it inspired me to post this. It will break your heart.

Janis Joplin ( part 2 )

This is the second half of the 20/20 piece...the sadder part, to be sure.

Guilty On All Counts

When your name is Libby, Libby, Libby
You must go to jail, jail, jail
Because you told lies, lies, lies
And you're guilty, guilty, guilty...

Well, it ain't great poetry or even a decent marketing jingle, but it sums up my feelings. As you can imagine, I'm glad the Administration has to take some sort of punishment for the lies they told to cover-up their war on those who opposed them politically. It is also fascinating to hear conservatives say that "there was no underlying crime" here. Sounds like 1997-98 Clinton administration talk to me, no?

As citizens perhaps we could hope that Washington politicians would learn from this...and that attention could actually turn toward governing, instead of throwing one another under the judicial bus. Too much to hope for, I guess.

Although it is admittedly partisan, Democratic Chairman Howard Dean sent this link to a video message about the results of the trial, as compared with the pressing problems on Washington's plate today. Special attention is paid to the problems with the hospital care of our veterans. For those who believe that the Chimp Administration gives two hoots about "supporting the troops," it's quickly becoming clear that they don't.

Just like tax cuts, how do you justify cutting Veteran's benefits in the middle of the war? This link shows the Democrats were concerned about this way before the recent problems at Walter Reed were discovered. This quote comes from an article on from 2005:

The governor of Pennsylvania on Saturday said the federal government must do a better job helping America's war veterans and criticized proposed budget cuts affecting them.

"During this time of war, it is absolutely the wrong time for our federal government to step back from any of its commitments to our veterans. To do so would be penny wise but pound foolish," said Gov. Ed Rendell in the weekly Democratic radio address.

"In today's parlance, the cost of health care for these vets may be half a billion dollars but their sacrifice for our nation, priceless," he said.

Time to get back to business and get this war stopped and help our troops recover their physical and mental health, and that of their suffering families.

And no Libby pardon. Ever.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Lucky Day

In Massachusetts, one of the state lottery games has a pot of $344 million tonight. Did I buy a ticket? Of course I did. There's nothing better than the dreams we come up with when pondering such a windfall. So, what would I do with it? The question is...what wouldn't I do? Family and friends, get in line for your handout!